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Vitamin C Season

There is nothing like feeling the warm sun on your face!

If you aren't applying sunscreen regularly you may have reminders of that fun in the sun show up when you least expect it. Products with Vitamin C will help lighten sun spots and even out your complexion.

Sun spots, or hyperpigmentation, from sun exposure can be frustrating.  Hyperpigmentation can develop from not only laying out in the sun but also exposure when your skin is in a vulnerable state. Chemical peels and other highly exfoliating facial methods can leave you susceptible to spots that stick around for awhile. 

These spots can sometimes act like glaciers.  You only see what is on the surface and not the bigger problem lying below. 

Meaning, in some cases, the problem can get worse before it gets better. 

With the guidance of a licensed esthetician you can be back on track to a healthy glowing complexion. Patience and at-home care are necessary to achieving your best results.

Product Recommendations: • Sorella Lemon Lightening Serum $68 • Sorella Tropical Matte SPF $44 or Quench & Protect Hydrating SPF $44

Service Recommendations: • Rezenerate Nano Facial $125

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