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No More Trouble Spots...

Are you ready to get rid of those trouble spots?  Whether it's your legs, butt, tummy, arms, double chin, any area really, we can customize a treatment to rid you of those frustrations.

Cloud 9 is proud to introduce the latest in affordable and results driven fat loss and toning technologies. We are the exclusive provider in Alaska for Cryoskin 3.0!

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Enjoy Free Sessions with our 3D Fit Scanner!

In addition to slimming, toning and facials we are offer free sessions with our 3D Fit Scanner.  It gives you access to monitor your progress right on your phone.

Hitting the gym and not sure if you are seeing changes? No worries!

Starting your journey and want to track your starting point? You got it! 

The 3D Fit Scanner will show you your progress.  It not only tracks your weight and inches but also your lean body mass, viseral fat %, posture and so much more. 

PS: This doesn't have to be in conjunction with your Cryoskin session. We will have a monthly unlimited membership to help you.

Take control of your health & fitness journey right now! 

Call/text to book a free consultation and see what Cloud 9 can do for you.


Let your beauty glow,


Cloud 9 Day Spa



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